British Food Fortnight: Fun Facts 

Are you ready for British Food Fortnight? We thought you might like a spot of trivia on some of the nation’s best-known foods to get you in the mood. Are you familiar with any of these delectable facts?

Mince pies were once banned

Yes, you read that right. Legend has it that in the 17th century Oliver Cromwell decided they were a sign of gluttony and banned them from being eaten at Christmas. Harrowing stuff. Luckily, the ban didn’t last long, and we can still enjoy this staple festive snack every year.

Fish and chips were served in newspaper

So, health and safety was…a little less of a priority up until the 1980s. Until then, it was standard practice for fish and chips to be served in used newspapers. Thankfully, that dubious practice has been o-fish-ally wrapped up.