How The Wheel Turned Into Online Casino Games

The wheel is most frequently cited as a pivotal moment in humankind’s innovation. Today, the concept of the wheel might seem very simple, but this invention was complex and revolutionary. The engineering skill that it required thousands of years ago – a simple circular structure, fixed onto an axle bearing, allowing for potentially continuous movement – is incredible when you think about it. The humble wheel has made so many things possible, from building the pyramids of Ancient Egypt to being able to cycle and drive, and play our favourite casino games that feature a wheel of fortune!

In this blog, we look at the invention of the wheel, and how it became a popular addition in many online slot games and casino table games.

The history of the wheel

It remains unclear where the invention of the wheel took place. However, it’s the Mesopotamian civilisation that’s credited with having the “Eureka moment”. Evidence shows it was created to serve as potter’s wheels around 3500 BC in Mesopotamia. This, of course, all took place 300 years before someone had the idea to use the wheel for moving chariots.

Fast-forward to some time between the 4th and 6th centuries BC, and the wheelbarrow starts to appear in Ancient Greece. It is then seen in China four centuries later and ends up in medieval Europe. And the rest, of course, is history. It’s no surprise this versatile invention caught on the world over, with so many applications… even things as simple as pulleys have totally helped to transform haulage and construction over the ages! But where do casino games get a look-in?

The wheel of fortune

Depending on the academic you talk to, in Ancient Greek or Roman times, the goddess Fortuna spun the wheel to determine the fate of those she looked upon. Today, the wheel of fortune appears in several TV game shows, and has made the successful leap into the digital space: it pops up in many online casino games, and there are even live money-wheel games you can play, such as Live Crazy Time. Some of the best online slots feature the wheel, which can come in the form of a bonus round or feature (and the reels themselves are kinds of “wheels”, too, while we’re on the subject).

The Big Wheel

Those players who still enjoy playing at a land-based casino instead of a casino site will be familiar with the Big Wheel. It is a large wheel that is most commonly divided into 52 subsections. Each section is marked with either a number or a prize. Players can place their bets by selecting which of the numbers or symbols they think the wheel will land or stop on. Part of the fun of playing money-wheel games is, of course, all about watching the wheel spin, and enjoying that moment in time and motion where any outcome is possible!

The roulette wheel

A French physicist, inventor and mathematician named Blaise Pascal invented the roulette wheel in the 17th century. Of course, Pascal wasn’t trying to invent a gambling game; rather, construct a “perpetual-motion machine”. Nevertheless, his efforts gave birth to one of the most popular casino games of all time! There is no concrete evidence of how the table game was invented, but some people believe that roulette has its origins in the Wheel of Fortune.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the game was transported to France, where it gained huge popularity in casinos. It then made its way to America and the earliest form of the game had 28 numbers, plus a zero, double zero, and an eagle symbol. During the 20th century, when and where such gambling was legalised, two distinct variants emerged – European and American roulette – along with a French variant, and the game was played at casinos and gambling establishments all over the globe. But with the advent of casinos online, roulette has soared to new heights of popularity, and now dazzles and entertains an entirely new generation of players.

Slot games and Slingo

The big wheel that crops up in online slots adds a fresh dimension to the gameplay. It is definitely a draw card when choosing a slot game on a casino site – it’s almost like two games in one. Most Slingo games and a few online slot titles feature a wheel in their gameplay. Here’s an example of each.

Slingo Big Wheel

Inspired by the game-show craze, Slingo Big Wheel adds a spin on the classic Slingo mechanic. In this fun game, Slingos must be completed to unlock the wheel. Once unlocked, players will have the opportunity to potentially win some phenomenal prize values. There’s a maximum-win multiplier of 2,500x your bet in this game. Not to be sniffed at, if you’re lucky enough to win it!

Wheel of Fortune Megaways

Themed around the classic TV game show with the same name (Wheel of Fortune, as if we needed to spell it out), this Megaways slot offers players a wide variety of betting options. You’ll feel as if you’re really playing the TV game show as you spin the reels. There are plenty of great features such as the Megastacks and Free Spins. Many slot fans find that Wheel of Fortune Megaways is a fantastic online slot game to play!

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/ 30 December 2021