International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Avast, ye landlubbers!

What say ye, matey? Somethin’ amiss with my tongue, ye say? Why, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Gather round and hear us tell a tale as our ship, the Mecca Games, sails the seven seas.

What be the original port of this fine-talkin' day?

If ye spy 19th September on yer ships calendar, ye know it be a day to celebrate all things PIRATE! This ship sailed in the fair year of 1995 captained by the American buccaneers John Bauer and Marc Summers in Albany, Oregon. The voyage started when one of these sailors injured themselves during racquetball, calling out in the iconic pirate tradition, “Arrrr!”

What be the wicked pirate customs?

If ye be a true jolly roger-wavin' pirate, ye should celebrate this fine day with debauchery and the raiding of vessels for the spices they hoard. If ye be a simperin’ landlubber, never fear – ye can still be a pirate for a day! Celebrate the pirate ways with songs like Blow the Man Down, or stick on your favourite pirate-themed talkie. Arrrr! A fine day it is.