National Recycling Week
Get ready for National Recycling Week, scheduled for October 16th to 22nd this year! This annual event, organized by Recycle Now, is a celebration of environmental conscientiousness that urges children, families, and communities to reflect on conservation and recycling.
This year, National Recycling Week has a special focus on engaging the country's schoolchildren in exciting activities while collaborating with local authorities and brands to spread the eco-friendly message far and wide. Join the green movement with us by exploring some fantastic ideas on how to make your week greener and contribute to a sustainable future. 
Image: Forest

Organise Litter Picks

Harness the power of your local community by using social media pages to find enthusiastic volunteers for litter picks in your area. Rally the troops, don those high-visibility jackets, and embark on a mission to keep your surroundings clean, just like the beloved Wombles!

Get on Your Bike!

If you own a bike and can utilize it, National Recycling Week is the perfect time to pedal for the planet. Reduce emissions by cycling to work or the shops, or arrange a weekend bike ride with your family and friends!

Encourage Your Workplace

Is there no recycling bin in your office's kitchen? It's time to take action! Approach your HR department and suggest the addition of recycling bins, making it easier for everyone to join the fight against waste and utilize those empty meal deal wrappers wisely.
Additionally, inquire about existing volunteering and environmental initiatives your workplace may already support.

Keep the Momentum Going!

National Recycling Week may last only seven days, but its message should resonate throughout the year. Make it your mission to inspire others to follow suit, ensuring your community and our planet remain green and thriving.
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/ 05 October 2023