3 Reel Slots

At Mecca Games, there is a variety of slots that you can appreciate. Let’s talk about the classics. You will come across 3 reel slots! Yes, 3 reels… having a nostalgic moment? Well this time, you can play them online. It still offers the same thrill, the same excitement, and not to forget it is filled with fun! Want to join us on a journey around the 3 reels slots at Mecca Games?

Fun Facts About 3 Reel slots

A 3 reel slot is simply a basic slot game with straightforward features. Did you know that slot machines began with 3 reels? The symbols on the reels were fruit symbols. Players would simply head off to a 3-reel slot game and spin the wheel.

What’s more interesting is that online games now come with high-quality animations and sound effects. The game itself has been replaced by video slots, this includes a bonus round and extra cash, it comes with more innovations, that are designed by top game developers!

The developers of the classic 3 reels slots at Mecca Games

• Eyecon

• Play’nGo

• NetEnt

• DaGaCube

The developers have done a top job when it comes to the graphics and soundtrack of these games. You will find a variety of 3 reels slot games at Mecca Games that will meet your expectation!

What’s Makes Up 3 Reel Slots?

3 Reel slots comprise of a simple to use interface, great sounds and graphics and come with lots of variations. One thing that will catch your attention is the themes! Yes…, these games include themes which will suit all players - you just have to choose your favourite… Themes in a game are equally important as it brings value to the game. The display is vital, with beautifully crafted symbols, features, soundtrack, you will encounter a unique experience during your gameplay. You will find themes such as Animal Slots, Egyptian Slots, and Food Slots.

They Come With Features!

Yes, you heard that right! 3 reel slots come with interesting features! You can unlock Free Spins, Bonuses, Gamble Features, bonus rounds, and lots more. These games will simply take you on a virtual adventure!

Mecca Games offers another surprise and that’s the Jackpots! Yes... it does include games with a progressive jackpot. This adds to the fun adventure and brings more entertainment for players!

Try It Out!

Why not try out some 3 reel slots on your device! It is compatible with your favourite device. You can take out your tablet, mobile, or desktop device and kick off your game. It has a Responsive Adaptive Design software; thanks to the game developers you can play this game anywhere and at any time. Launch your favourite 3-reel slot game at Mecca Games. It comes with a collection of slots! To get in the game, you need to register at the site, fill in the form required, make your first deposit and you can begin!

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