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In the UK, we love our Ferris wheels almost as much as we enjoy our casino games. In fact, an entire day has been put aside on 14 February to celebrate this entertaining invention – National Ferris Wheel Day. Keep reading to get all the info about this important event and the most famous Ferris wheel rides in the UK. We’ve also gathered a selection of online slots and Slingo games with a big wheel theme that will get you into the spirit of the day. Let’s get spinning!

National Ferris Wheel Day and where it all started

Most of us have at least one happy memory of riding on a Ferris wheel. They symbolise good times, bravery and excitement, and family and friends. But where exactly did it all start?

In 1890, architect Daniel Burnham was given the job of turning a muddy square mile in Chicago in the USA, into a showpiece that would dazzle visitors to the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition. The world was still all agog after the unveiling of the Eiffel Tower in Paris the year before, so Burnham gathered a group of accomplished designers and told them, “Make no little plans!”

One of the team, 33-year-old George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. was the civil engineer in charge of inspecting the steel that would be used at the fair. He soon had the idea to construct a giant revolving wheel of steel. Burnham, however, was not happy at the thought of people being lifted to a greater height than the recently-opened Statue of Liberty by groupings of slender steel rods. But Ferris was inspired by his invention, so he paid out of his own pocket and sourced investors to carry out safety studies and hire additional engineers.

In December 1892, Ferris’s wheel was given the go-ahead. Measuring 250 feet in diameter, it had 36 cars that could carry 60 people 140 feet in the air. Following its launch in June 1893, it was a wild success.

Tragically, Ferris died at age 37 from typhoid. The most famous of all Ferris wheels was sold to the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis then blown up for scrap two years later.

Ferris was born on 14 February 1859; the reason National Ferris Wheel Day is celebrated each year on this date.

Famous UK Ferris wheels

To mark Ferris’s legacy, we’re having a look at some of the most famous Ferris wheels in the UK, so strap in and hold on tight!

The London Eye

Since its unveiling in 1999, the London Eye, originally called the Millennium Wheel, has become an iconic feature of the London landscape, and skyline. It stands at 443 feet and was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world until 2006, when the Star of Nanchang was unveiled in China.

The wheel is 394 feet wide and is connected to its hub by 64 cables that look and function similarly to bicycle spokes. This Ferris wheel has 32 passenger cabins (the number 32 was chosen to represent the 32 boroughs (along with the City of London) that make up Greater London). A total of 832 passengers can be accommodated at any given time.

The wheel moves slowly (just two revolutions every hour) but this gives visitors plenty of time to get a bird’s eye view of London and its many attractions.

Scarborough big wheel

The seafront observation wheel at Scarborough is 105 feet high and can carry a maximum of 144 passengers with six people seated in each of its 24 enclosed gondolas.

As the largest holiday resort on the Yorkshire coast, Scarborough has, over the years, offered generous entertainment to holidaymakers in the form of traditional carousel rides. Hence, the Ferris wheel, erected on the site of the former Futurist Theatre, was a welcome addition in 2019, giving visitors glorious views of the seaside town.

Sedgwick’s Fun Fair, Blackpool

You’ll find Blackpool’s iconic big wheel on the Central Pier of the Promenade. The Ferris wheel stands 108 feet tall and gives those who have a head for heights, panoramic views of the Golden Mile and Blackpool Tower.

Plans are afoot to construct a new Ferris wheel that will be bigger and taller than the current one. The wheel will be built on Blackpool Central Pier and is set to open in the summer of 2023. It will have partially-closed carriages and the latest technologies will be used to reduce energy consumption.

While some will, no doubt, miss the original wheel (a half-scale version of the Victorian attraction that was part of the Winter Gardens complex a century earlier) that has entertained so many since 1990, many are looking forward to a new and improved era for the much-loved Ferris wheel.

Big wheel-inspired games to play

Get into the spirit of National Ferris Wheel Day with these big wheel-inspired casino games:

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  • Slingo Big Wheel – When the best online slots combine with bingo, you get Slingo! This title gives you a spin at a prize wheel. Cross off three or more lines to unlock the wheel, then spin to see how much you’ll win.
  • Pop – Enter the fairground and play with a Dual Reel™, which means the game spins down and also floats up! Now blow up the balloons to land the highest-paying symbols on the reels with plenty of opportunities for free spins and big multipliers.
  • Megajackpots Wheel of Fortune On Air – Get into some Megaways magic with this 20 win-line slot that’s packed with fun features and potential big cash prizes, including the MegaJackpot.
  • Mystic Wheel – Set out on a Celtic adventure by entering an ancient cave filled with gems and potentially win up to 10,000x your stake! Look out for the Mystic Wheel bonus round when you land three bonus symbols, then strap in for a chance to trigger the huge multipliers.
  • Donuts – Ferris wheels and doughnuts are a match made in heaven! So, tuck into this low-calorie slot that gives you 2,401 ways to win, vibrant graphics and plenty of exciting bonus features.

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/ 18 February 2022