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Play Slingo Online with Mecca Games

You can play Slingo online at Mecca Games – one of the best UK online casino sites. As an online casino, Mecca Games offers some of the best online casino games to play. Our high-quality Slingo games come with plenty of extra bonuses to add to the Slingo gameplay. And we’ve got loads of classic Slingo games to choose from – from Slingo Sweet Bonanza and Slingo Fluffy Favourites to Red Hot Slingo and Slingo Starburst.

You can also enjoy our online Slingo games at any time and from any device. And you can play at home and on the go. Ready to play Slingo online at Mecca Games? It’s time to get those reels spinning and bet on Slingo today.

Play Slingo Online

Slingo is a combination of Bingo and Slots, and best of all it’s a fun and easy game to play.

You play Slingo on 5x5 grid cards where the reels function as bingo callers. With most games you have 10 spins in each round with each spin revealing five numbers. Once the reels have stopped spinning and reveal their numbers, you’ll need to check if they match the numbers you have on your Slingo card. It’s just like slots and bingo! Each time you win, you’ll climb the Slingo pay ladder to claim prizes and unlock bonus features.

At Mecca Games we have a variety of Slingo games to be discovered. Here are some of our favourites:

Slingo Sweet Bonanza – This sugary and sweet classic slot game gets the Slingo treatment, featuring multipliers, wilds and a sweet bonus game.

Red Hot Slingo – Rather than the usual 5x5 grid, Red Hot Slingo changes it up for a 5x3 grid. Expect some red hot action with wilds, super wilds and Sizzlin Scatter Symbols.

Slingo Rainbow Riches – As well as the usual Slingo action, Slingo Rainbow Riches has a whopping nine bonus rounds, including Magic Toadstools and Pots of Gold.

And there’s plenty more where they came from at Mecca Games.

How do you play Slingo?

Slingo is a super easy game to get your head around. But let’s start with the basics. A game of Slingo is made up of three parts. First you have your 5x5 numbered card, then the slot which usually has five reels, and the prize ladder. Each game begins with a bet on Slingo. You simply set your stake and have a set number of spins to play – this is usually 10.

Then all that’s left to do is hit spin. The reels then spin and reveal new numbers. Any of the numbers that match your card will be marked off, and if you complete a full line of five you get a Slingo. Slingos can be completed vertically, diagonally or horizontally.

Then we come to the prize ladder. The more lines you get, the higher you will climb up the prize ladder to get those prizes and bonus features.

How do you win when you bet on Slingo?

You win by completing as many lines as possible, taking you higher up the prize ladder grabbing more prizes and playing bonus games as you go. With some Slingo games you need to complete a minimum number of lines to start winning prizes, but you’ll find details of this in the game information of your chosen Slingo game.

Just like in Bingo, you can also claim a Full House when you complete the grid of numbers. If you do so, the top prize will pay out or you’ll receive a bonus in the game.

To really win at Slingo, you also need to accumulate points, with every spin awarding you a different number of points. With each game, you’ll find that you win slightly different prizes for different things, like clearing lines, clearing your card, landing coin symbols and spinning Jokers or Super Jokers.

What are the rules of Slingo?

Each game is different depending on the theme and the individual game rules, but when you play Slingo you can always expect the following rules and symbols:

- When you land a Joker, this is a wild symbol which can be used to mark off any number on one reel

- If you land a Super Joker, this is also a wild but one that can mark off any number on the entire grid

- If you land three or more Jokers or Super Jokers you’ll win a cash prize

- Landing a coin also gives you an instant cash prize

- Just watch out for the Devil – when the Devil appears it will block any potential matches

Do Slingo Games have bonus features?

Yes of course they do. This is one of the best things about playing Slingo. Not only do you get that fun mix of Slots and Bingo when the wheels spin and you mark off your card, but you also get plenty of bonus features as you would with Online Slots. The types of bonus feature you get to play all depend on the theme of the game.

For example in Slingo Fluffy Favourites there are Toybox Pick, Coin Pusher and Hook-a-Fluffy bonus features. In Slingo Rainbow Riches there are Magic Toadstools and Pots of Gold bonus features, as well as seven more bonus games, and in Slingo Bells you have unlimited Free Spins to really get into the Christmas spirit.

How much do I bet on Slingo?

As with Slots, you have to set your stake – this is how much you want to bet – before you can spin the Slingo reels. Each game will have a minimum amount that you can bet. For some games this is as little as 10p – a great opportunity to get into the fun of Slingo without breaking the bank if you ask us.

Play Slingo On Any Device

At Mecca Games, you can play our top Slingo games anytime and anywhere on your chosen devise. Simply access the site via any of your devices - iOS or Android - and the games are playable on all smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

With the opportunity to play Slingo on your smartphone, you can play your favourite online games on the go. Simply sign up and create an account with us and you can bet on Slingo wherever and however you want.

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When you sign up to Mecca Games, you’ll have access to all our Slingo games. You can play on the go on your smartphone or enjoy all the fun of playing Slingo from the comfort of your home on your laptop, desktop or tablet. And it’s not just Slingo either. You can play Online Slots at Mecca Games too – including Jackpot slots, Classic slots and Megaways slots. All you need to do is register online, deposit some cash in your account and then you’ll be ready to go.

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