Crazy Documentaries That Are Sure To Entertain You

The world is filled with weird and wonderful things, and there are some equally bizarre documentaries to showcase those things. While the best online slots are subject to personal taste, and casino games might call for a certain type, everyone can agree that the documentaries we’re reviewing offer plenty of craziness to keep us entertained.

From method acting and tickling to ultramarathons and cat shows, we’re taking a look at some of the most absurd, bizarre and downright hilarious documentaries worth watching today.

Tiger King

When you hear “crazy” and “documentary” in the same sentence, we know you immediately think of Tiger King, and you're spot on. This true-crime documentary series follows the life of convicted felon and big cat enthusiast Joe Exotic. The eccentric zoo owner dons a mullet, stars in his own country music videos, and is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for trying to assassinate his nemesis Carole Baskin, an animal-sanctuary owner in Florida.

The show deals with a subculture of people in the United States who illegally collect and breed wild cats. There are more privately owned tigers in America than there are in the wild. Its immorality at its not so finest. The wildly outlandish docuseries received over 34.3 million views within the first 10 days of its release on Netflix in 2020!

It even made an appearance on popular casino sites; check out Joe Exotic Progressive slot for more wild shenanigans!

Watch it on: Netflix

Winnebago Man

In the 1990s, a VHS tape made its rounds starring “Winnebago Man” – the world's worst camper salesman. The footage includes outtakes from an infomercial video and captured hilarious bloopers and outbursts by Jack Rebney, eventually turning him into a cult hero. The tape was dubbed for years before going absolutely viral on YouTube in 2005, reaching over 20 million views. This documentary tracks down the unlikely star of what has since been regarded as one of the funniest viral videos ever.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime UK

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

Funnyman Jim Carrey shares his fascinating journey through the making of the 1999 film, The Man on the Moon, about idiosyncratic comedian Andy Kaufman. The 2017 documentary uses 100 hours of footage from the set, as filmmaker Chris Smith documents Carrey’s method acting transformation in an enthralling, revelatory look into the comics artist genius. A story about both Jim and Andy and the raw emotion of their inexplicable connection.

Watch it on: Netflix

The Aristocrats

How many times can you hear the same joke and still laugh? Over 100 if you watch The Aristocrats! This documentary stars a variety of comedians all telling their version of the same joke – said to be the dirtiest joke ever told. With greats like George Carlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Gilbert Gottfried and Bob Serget, it's going to be a laugh. The film also explores what inspired the joke in the first place, and the role of obscenity within humour.

By now, you're probably wondering, “Well… What's the joke?” You’ll have to watch the show to find out!

Watch it on: Amazon Prime UK


This title is literal. A stranger-than-fiction documentary about “competitive endurance tickling,” it's definitely as scary as it sounds – in more ways than you may expect. Journalist David Farrier uncovers a massive tickling empire across the US and is met with fierce resistance as he dives deeper into a tickling wormhole that continues to reveal the dark world of competitive tickling. Strangely enough, it's no laughing matter.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime UK

Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit

This one’s for the cat lovers. Following two cats and their owners, Catwalk is a surprisingly sweet showcase of Canada's competitive cat show circuit. Filled with adorable cats doing some amazing things, you'll get to see the trials and tribulations these feline competitors and their owners go through in search of, well, bragging rights! From the fluffiest Persians to the sleekest Sphinxes, you’ll see it all on this crazy cute documentary.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime UK

Exit Through the Gift Shop

For a thorough dose of humour, mystery and unbelievability, Exit Through the Gift Shop is a quirky French shopkeeper and filmmaker’s exploration of pseudonymous street artist Banksy and his impact on pop culture, fans and imitators. And in true Banksy fashion, there’s a surprise twist.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime UK

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Director Chris Smith, who was the executive producer of Tiger King, documents “the greatest party that never happened” in Fyre. This 2019 must-watch documentary caused a massive stir when it was released, as it explores the luxury music festival Fyre, which ended up going terribly, terribly wrong. The film centres around criminal Billy McFarland, who managed to con thousands of wealthy and famous influencers and stars, wreck an island's economy and put on the most disastrous festival in history. One thing’s for certain, there was no FOMO there.

Watch it on: Netflix

Shut Up, Little Man!

Said to be an “audio misadventure,” this hilarious 2011 documentary tells the story of two friends who began recording their neighbours' frequent and nonsensical arguments, accidentally creating one of the first viral sensations. The recordings took place in 1987, and the cassette tapes, featuring the hilarious one-liners, spread across the US like wildfire. The documentary further explores the origins of the audiotapes and even tries to find the unhappy neighbours to find out why they were always fighting!

Watch it on: Amazon Prime UK

Where Dreams Go To Die

Follow Canadian ultra-runner Gary Robbins as he attempts the toughest endurance race on earth that over 1,000 people have attempted and only 15 have completed. This 100-mile (160km) ultramarathon through the hills of Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee sees Gary’s two attempts over two years and showcases the intensity, emotions, sacrifices and inspiration involved in doing what some may see as the impossible. Find out why The Barkley Marathon is where dreams go to die.

Watch it on: YouTube

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