Game Review Monopoly Live

Get involved with Evolution’s exciting Monopoly Live – a live casino table game based on its previous title, Dream Catcher. In this unique version of Monopoly, players are treated to some epic bonus features. Players can expect excellent video-streaming quality from Evolution on their PC or mobile devices – either platform works perfectly well. The best casino sites – Mecca Games included – will provide players with the chance to bring the classic board game to life on their devices.

Let’s take a look at what Monopoly Live has to offer players, including how to play, graphics, and bonus features.

A look at the game

Monopoly Live is a casino game that combines a money-wheel game similar to Dream Catcher with a 3D bonus round. Monopoly Live was EGR’s (eGaming Review’s) Game of the Year 2019, and also Gaming Intelligence’s Game of the Year 2020. This live game show takes place in Evolution’s studio and is hosted by a real-life presenter.


Monopoly Live is an easy game to play. Participants are simply required to place a wager on the numbers they think the prize wheel will stop on after the presenter spins it. They can place bets on 1, 2, 5, 10, x2 rolls bonus game and x4 rolls bonus game. In terms of bet size, players can wager between 10p and £1,000 on one spin of the wheel (so watch your bankroll to avoid any unpleasant surprises!). It’s possible to bet on all outcomes of the wheel spin, and there’s even an option to double your wager. After all bets are placed, the live presenter spins the wheel and – if any matches are made – lucky players can win x1, x2, or x10 their wager.

Graphics and sound

Players can expect a classic Monopoly board-game theme. The high-quality video stream centres on a live presenter, who stands in front of a super-sized, vertically mounted wheel. In the background is a cartoon-like city, with skyscrapers seen outside the window. In the studio, the “Mr Moneybags” augmented reality (AR) animation interacts with the presenter, which is really cool to see. On the bottom of the screen, players have a game panel, which is where they can place their bets, as well as see their remaining balance. In the top left corner of the screen, players can click on the chat feature. This interactive game will deliver tremendous fun throughout your gameplay. In between the live presenter and Mr Moneybags speaking, calming music is played during the game.

Game features

This unique online game show based on the world’s most-loved board game comes with some pretty neat features. Evolution has excelled with Monopoly Live by combining live interaction with AR to redefine live casino entertainment. The wheel consists of a big wheel with the following positions on it:

Number 1 (22 of them)

Number 2 (15)

Number 5 (7)

Number 10 (4)

2-roll bonus (3)

Chance card (2)

4-roll bonus (1).

The four different numbers (1, 2, 5 and 10) will pay as much as their values. For example, a bet on number 2 will earn you a 2:1 payout, while a bet on number 5 will earn you a 5:1 payout, which is higher because there are fewer chances of it coming up.

If a player lands a bonus roll on the wheel, the game takes up a Monopoly theme. Players are transported into a 3D world, where a Monopoly board can be seen. Monopoly Live also has two Chance segments on the prize wheel. If the wheel stops on either of these segments, Mr Moneybags will reveal a card. The card will reveal a cash prize or a multiplier. If a multiplier is revealed, then the wheel is spun again to determine a winning number, a bonus round, or another “Chance”.

Players can look forward to stunning animations and graphics, seamlessly mixed with real-life movement on-screen and a talkative game host, who will talk to the players “in the room”, so to speak. Wins could potentially pay out tens of thousand times the stake.


When the money wheel lands on one of the roll bonus positions, a bonus game is triggered. To win from this bonus, you would have to have placed a bet on the bonus roll position that triggered it, which is either a 2- roll or 4-roll. The Monopoly board game is shown and has a starting value of 1 to 100 times your stake. Before the bonus game begins, the value of some properties will be randomly increased as houses or hotels are being built on them. Depending on which of the two bonus positions were hit on the money wheel, 2 or 4 rolls with dice will occur during the bonus game. When the dice are rolled, Mr Moneybags will move around the board, and for each property that he lands on, a cash prize equal to its value will be rewarded. You’ll want to get as far as possible because the further you get around the board, the more valuable the prizes awaiting you. If Mr Moneybags passes GO, all properties will have their values doubled!

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