Getting Started With Online Scratchcards

These days, online scratchcards are a common feature at most reputable online casinos. But what exactly are scratchcards, how do you play, and – most importantly – how do you win? We’ll address all these questions in this article.

So let’s get down to business and discover how online scratchcards work!


What are online scratchcards?

To start, online scratchcards are quite similar to the printed, “scratch-able” ones you can buy in your local corner shop – but instead of using a penny to physically scratch and reveal your potential winnings, online scratchcards are simply revealed with your mouse cursor! As such, they are considered “instant-win” games. Each game uses an RNG (random number generator) to determine the outcome. Using this method, a number of possible wins are returned to players in exchange for bets that generally range from £1 to £10. Online slots fans tend to really enjoy playing online scratchcards, because there’s a natural connection between the two kinds of casino games.


How to play an online scratchcard

First things first: before you can play any online scratchcard, you’ll need to choose an online casino and register an account on its site. Once you’ve deposited money, you can choose from the site’s range of scratchcards, pay for them, and then you can simply begin (virtually) scratching your way to potential wins! Depending on what device you’re accessing the games from, you can use various methods to scratch and reveal the symbols, for example, by clicking on the different sections of the scratchcard and moving your mouse back and forth (just follow the game instructions).

There are also a number of scratchcard variants out there that really brighten up this gaming experience. Here are a few examples.


Licensed scratchcards

These scratchcards use a licensed theme that could range anywhere from films to comic books. They generally have a classic format, and require you to match winning symbols. This makes the scratchcard you’re playing more captivating as the context is familiar and you have more of a connection with it. It definitely adds a great storyline to these instant-win games.


Scratchcard games

With these, it’s more about playing the game to reveal fun prizes, rather than scratching your way to victory. Some players really enjoy this twist on the usual offering – of course it’s simply up to you to decide what you like to play.


Bingo scratchcards

This variant is similar to bingo, because players must scratch a large grid for potential winning combinations. If you’re into Slingo, trying a game of bingo scratchcards makes perfect sense, if you wish to diversify your bingo palate!


Automated scratchcards

On the other hand, if you’re looking for games with the least effort required, this scratchcard type could have your name on it! All you need to do is press the hit button and wait for the winning symbols to populate. Good luck!


Why online scratchcards are popular

That’s all well and good – but now we know all the types of these games out there, why do they have such a growing following and why might you want to give them a try?


They’re fun and engaging

It’s easy to learn the rules of online scratchcards, and there aren’t really strategies that you can apply to your gameplay. If you’re a fan of luck-based casino games, then you should have a ball of a time with scratchcards! All that’s required is to make your bet, cross your fingers – and hope you land some winning combinations.

Gameplay is swift and easy

Unlike many other online casino games, when it comes to online scratchcards, you can play within minutes. And it really is “instant win”: there’s no long period of waiting time needed to determine whether you’ve won or not. There’s also the auto-play option, which makes gameplay even easier, if that’s your bag.


There are themes to rave about

There are some great immersive and engaging themes to try when it comes to online scratchcards. Whether you’re into sports, popular movies or series, there’s sure to be something that’ll pique your interest and ramp up the excitement.


Scratchcards worth getting your hands on

If you’re interested in playing some of the scratchcards at Mecca Games, here’s a trio of titles to get you started.


Wheel of Fortune: On the Road

When you play this scratchcard, you get to tour America as you strive to unlock great chances to win! Spin the wheel for a chance of earning cash and bonuses. In Wheel of Fortune: On the Road, you must match any winning number to one of your numbers, as well as find prize multiplier symbols.

Play Wheel of Fortune: On the Road


Ted Big Money

Based on the Ted comedy film franchise starring Mark Wahlberg, this scratchcard delivers all the action and humour that’s seen in the movies. In the scratchcard game, there’s a collection of features, one being Ted’s Pyramid Bonus – it gives you the choice of picking a cash multiplier or an advance arrow… Choose wisely!

Play Ted Big Money


Avalon Scratch

Avalon Scratch has a cool, 3D design with an “Arthurian legend” theme that makes this online scratchcard great fun to play. All you have to do is set your bet and start scratching – you’re aiming to try and match three symbols. The interactive gameplay certainly makes this one of the most engaging scratchcard games out there. Of course, the proof of the gaming OKsyis in the playing – the judgement is yours!

Play Avalon Scratch

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