Guide on How to Play Slingo 

 Have you heard of Slingo? It’s one of the most popular online games right now and our members love it at Mecca Games. Whether you want to know what Slingo is or how to play Slingo, we’ll run through everything in our Slingo guide. Plus, we’ll throw in some Slingo strategies and Slingo tips too.

What is Slingo?

The clue really is in the name with Slingo – it’s a delightful mashup of slots and bingo. The bingo side is based on one of the most popular types of bingo, 75-ball bingo. The slots side is represented by the spinning reels, just like you see in your favourite online slot games.

You’ll find plenty of Slingo games to choose from. Some are standalone and others are based on many of the most popular online slots. Either way, every Slingo game brings the fun and the chance to win.

How to Play and Win at Slingo?

A standard Slingo layout has a 5x5 grid that looks like a bingo card. At the bottom of the grid, you’ll see reels that generate the numbers for you to match.

Just like in bingo, you play Slingo by marking off the numbers in the grid. The big difference is that you match them to the numbers that appear on the spinning reels, rather than numbers called by a bingo caller. There’s also a prize ladder that you climb up the more wins you get.

So, how do you win at Slingo?

You win at Slingo by creating lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally by matching numbers on your Slingo card with the numbers on the reels. Just like in bingo, you can also bag yourself a Full House in Slingo where you clear all the numbers on your Slingo card.

As you create winning lines, you make your way up the Slingo prize ladder where you can unlock prizes and bonus features.

That’s Slingo in a nutshell. But it wouldn’t be bingo combined with slots if there weren’t a few symbols thrown in too. Taking inspiration from the world of online slots, you’ll find plenty of symbols appearing in your Slingo games. In most Slingo games you’ll see:

  • Joker/Wild, this can be used to mark off any number on one reel
  • Super Joker/Super Wild, this is also a Wild but one that can mark off any number on the entire grid (if you land three or more Jokers or Super Jokers you’ll win a cash prize)
  • Coin, land one of these and you’ll win an instant cash prize
  • Devil/Blocker, when the Devil appears it will block any potential matches

And just like in slots, you’ll also find plenty of bonus features too when you play Slingo. These will of course depend on the game but can include things like Free Spins, Multipliers and Lucky Dip Bonus Games.

For example, in Slingo Fluffy Favourites the bonus features include the Toybox Pick, Coin Pusher and Hook-a-Fluffy bonus features. In Slingo Rainbow Riches there are Magic Toadstools and Pots of Gold bonus features, as well as seven more bonus games. In Slingo Bells you have unlimited Free Spins to really get into the Christmas spirit.

Slingo Terms Worth Knowing

Want to be clued up on the Slingo lingo? Here are a few terms worth knowing:

  • Bonus Buy: Once you’ve used all your spins in the base game, you can pay a little bit extra to get one extra spin on the current game. You can buy spins multiple times, with their cost calculated in line with how close you are to a Full House.
  • Blocker: This blocks a space on the reels, so no symbol can appear. This will usually be a devil symbol.
  • Free Spins: Awards one additional spin to your remaining total.
  • Slingo Line: Matching symbols in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of five.
  • Super Wild: You can place a marker on any space anywhere on the board. This will usually be a Super Joker symbol.
  • Wild: You can place a marker on any space on the matched reel. For example, if your Wild lands on reel 3, you can place a marker on any unmarked space on column 3 of the board. This will usually be a Joker symbol.

Best Slingo Strategies

Ready to play Slingo? Before you get involved and start spinning those reels and marking off your Slingo card, it’s a good idea to understand some Slingo strategies. The following should help with your Slingo play:

Mark carefully

Wilds and Super Wilds give you the chance to place markers on either a matched reel or anywhere on the board. So, where should you place them? You want to place them in positions to give you the best chance to win with multiple lines. For example, the middle square is involved in up to four lines.

Push for those bonus games

Unlocking bonus games in Slingo is one of the best ways to increase your winnings. You might win cash from a bonus game or get multipliers for example. It pays to aim for the bonus games, using your Wilds and Super Wilds wisely to climb up the ladder and opting for bonus buys if you’re within touching distance of a bonus game.

Use your bonus buys tactically

With a bonus buy, you can pay for extra spins to get you closer to a Full House. But you should use them wisely. If you’ve got a long way to go to get to Full House or to the top bonus games, it might be a better idea to start a new game from scratch. But if you’re just within touching distance it might be in your interests to pay a little more and go for it.

Top Tips for Playing Slingo

Looking for a few more Slingo tips to help you out before you play? The following should help:

  • Take your time and shop around. Check out the bonus games on offer and the Return to Player (RTP) value of each game before you pick your chosen game.
  • Check the paytable for the most important information before you play. Each game will detail exactly what you need to know including features, top prizes and RTP.
  • Remember bonus buys cost you money. If you want to avoid this extra cost, you can always ignore the bonus buys even if you’re close to a Full House or a bonus game.
  • Set strict limits on how much you want to bet and stick to it. Remember to keep it fun!

Top Slingo Games to Play

At Mecca Games you’ll find a variety of Slingo games just waiting to be discovered. You’ll find classic slots that have been given the Slingo treatment and Slingo games with plenty of exciting bonus features. Some of our favourites include:

  • Slingo Sweet Bonanza
  • Red Hot Slingo
  • Slingo Rainbow Riches
  • Slingo Cleopatra
  • Book of Slingo
  • Slingo Fire and Ice
  • Slingo Bells
  • Slingo Extreme

To play Slingo with us at Mecca Games all you need to do is register an account with us, and you’ll have access to all our Slingo games. You can play Slingo on your tablet, desktop or smartphone with Mecca Games.

Mecca Games / 08 June 2023