Guide To Understanding Monopoly And Monopoly Themed Slots

Monopoly was once just a board game, but today you can find many other Monopoly-related media and games. One of the most popular evolutions of this franchise is the shift into online slot games, with many exciting titles available to play, including Monopoly Megaways, Monopoly Mega Movers, and Monopoly Lunar New Year.

All the Monopoly-themed slots you can play refer to elements of the board game, which is why we’re going to explain what these elements are and how they work, in case you come across them when you play a Monopoly slot game and are unsure what they are.

The Monopoly board

The Monopoly board is where all the action takes place. Around the edge of the board are forty spaces. Each edge is given a street name and every block contains either a property of varying worth or random elements, such as railroads, taxes, utilities, and Community Chest and Chance card squares. Depending on where they land, a player has various actions they may or may not have to take. For example, a player could choose to purchase a property if they land on a property block, pick a card if they land on a Chance square, or have to go to jail if they land on the ‘Go To Jail’ square.

Monopoly cards

There are two sets of Monopoly cards placed on the game board: the Chance cards and Community Chest cards. If a player lands on one of the eight Chance or Community Chest spaces, they will need to draw a card from the relevant stack.

The Chance cards usually require a player to move to a specific space, which may have dire consequences if it's a property space owned by another player or the ‘Go To Jail’ space. However, the Chance cards may also have positive effects, such as the ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card, or in some cases receiving money.

The Community Chest cards are generally more rewarding than the Chance cards, with players often receiving money for various reasons. However, you do occasionally have to pay for various services and could also end up in jail.

The Monopoly characters and pieces

There are many iconic Monopoly characters and pieces in the game. The first one that many will instantly recognise is the mascot, the moustached top-hat-and-suit-wearing Monopoly man himself. Known as Mr. Monopoly or Rich Uncle Pennybags, he is sometimes portrayed carrying a bag of money, wearing a monocle, and carrying a cane. In addition to the game’s mascot, there are also the player pieces. The most popular player pieces are the Scottish terrier dog, cat, top hat, thimble, boot, wheelbarrow, racing car, and battleship.

Monopoly houses and hotels

In Monopoly, once you have purchased a property, you have the option to build houses or hotels on it. Houses are small and green, while hotels are larger and red. These buildings cost money to build but allow you to charge higher rent to anyone who lands on a property that you own. You can build multiple houses or hotels on a property to further increase the rent other players have to pay.

The Monopoly properties

The primary way to earn money in Monopoly, in order to win the game, is by purchasing and developing properties. Just like real life, some of these properties are worth more than others and will require more money if a player wishes to buy them, but rent costs will also vary, with more expensive properties drawing higher rental fees. A player has the option to buy a property if they land on it, no one owns it, and they have enough money to buy it.

However, players can also acquire properties through auctions or through trading with another player. Once you own a property, you are given a title deed which provides you with all the information you need to know about it, such as how much rent costs, or what you will get if you mortgage the property. Property is always based on famous places, so street names will vary depending on whether you live in the UK, US, or elsewhere in the world.

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These are the most common Monopoly elements that you will likely come across when playing Monopoly-themed slots. We hope this guide will help you better recognise these different aspects of the game, and why they may have been included in your favourite Monopoly-themed slot.

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/ 21 February 2022