Is Rtp Or Theme More Important To Casino Player

When searching for online slot games, there are a number of factors worth considering – the games’ RTP (return to player, expressed as a percentage) and the theme being two of the most important. With thousands of games available to choose from, these two factors will help players pick out the most rewarding and suitable online slot games.
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Have you ever chosen a slot game based purely on its aesthetics, only to be disappointed by the amount it pays out? If so, you’ll be interested to learn about the importance of RTP!
RTP stands for return to player and refers to the theoretical amount slot players can expect to win back throughout their gameplay on a specific slot title. As an example, if you put £100 into a slot machine with an RTP of 96% (which is the average for online slots), you can expect to get back around £96… unless, of course, you hit the jackpot.
What’s important to understand is that this return percentage is calculated over hundreds of thousands of spins (so it’s mega accurate), and a slot with a higher RTP increases your long-term chances of winning (not necessarily on each game, but overall). Therefore, those who play a few quick spins are far less impacted by RTP (and more so by fate) than those who play the game for a sustained period of time, where RTP starts having a much greater relevance.
Most players agree that anything over 95% is a decent return. This, however, is for online slots, which have a significantly higher return than their land-based counterparts, which average at around 85%. In general, someone who plays a slot with an RTP of 96% is, on average, going to be getting more back than someone playing a slot with an RTP of 93%.


Without themes, slot games would all be very similar, and might even become rather boring after a while. The “theme” refers to the game’s aesthetics, characters, and premise or storyline – it’s what makes each slot unique and immerses players into different worlds where they get to be an explorer, a pirate, or even a game show contestant (and a lot more in between).
Themes allow players to customise their slots experience by engaging in games based on their unique interests. History buffs may look for slots based on ancient civilizations such as those of Egypt, Rome, or Greece. People with a taste for superstition may search for games filled with lucky symbols, often found in Irish- and Asian-based titles. Slot fans with a taste for adventure, meanwhile, will enjoy titles that offer them the chance to go on missions in search of hidden treasures!
Unlike RTP, which has to do with win potential, the game’s theme doesn’t influence the outcome, but rather, creates the atmosphere and experience for players to enjoy. Find out how to choose the right slot for you.

How to choose a slot game

With all that said, we end up in the same place as we began – acknowledging that both RTP and theme are important factors when it comes to choosing an online slot game. Other factors to consider include volatility (how predictable the payouts of a game are) and bet limits – which are good indications of what type of a budget potential players might need, as well as the game features on offer and ratings/reviews.
Of course, there are players who aren’t all that interested in the theme itself. These people will most likely be attracted to the slot games with the highest RTP – such as Rainbow Riches Pick ’n’ Mix, with an RTP of up to 98%. As mentioned, the RTP is most significant to those who play slots over a long period of time; but even these players would likely choose a game where, at the least, they’re not annoyed by the theme, or perhaps choose something more neutral.
Other casino slot lovers are passionate about their favourite themes and games, and for them, the RTP may be a less influential factor. These players may choose games based on their graphics, features, and overall feel. If their chosen game happens to be on the lower RTP side, they’re usually just happy to immerse themselves in the enjoyable gameplay and max out on the fun side.
For most players, however, choosing a game will require players to consider both factors. First off, players will choose a theme of their liking, and next, they’ll be able to look at the titles within that theme and choose the ones that have the best RTPs. Ultimately, though, it’s up to you which is the deciding factor!

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/ 03 December 2021