Most Popular Themes In Online Slots

The best thing about online slots is that there’s something for everyone. No matter your interests, tastes or bankroll, there is likely a slot machine that has just what you’re looking for! Whether you’re into old-school classics, pop culture, furry friends, or adventure, you’ll find it all.

While each slot has unique symbols, graphics, features, and gameplay, there are themes that tie them all together. Below, we review some of the best online slots and most popular themes available today.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt, and the mysteries and wonder surrounding this iconic civilisation, have long captured the attention of casino games fans. Countless slots revolve around Cleopatra, the Great Pyramids, and various Egyptian gods. Common symbols found on the reels include pyramids (naturally), sphinxes, scarabs, and hieroglyphics.

One of the most popular Egyptian-themed Megaways slots is Eye of Horus. As you’ll have guessed, it centres on Horus, the god of power, protection, and health. With a maximum payout of 250,000x the stake, and an impressive progressive jackpot with a maximum of 10,000x, this online slot game offers an immersive experience and riches one would dream of finding when exploring ancient treasures.

Other popular titles in this highly popular slot genre include:

Classic slots

While advancements in technology have taken the online casino world to impressive heights, many people still prefer the simplicity and nostalgia of classic slots. Even with the incredible variety of casino games available, the good ol’ fruit machine has retained its charm.

Retro slots preserve the original design of slot machines, featuring the classic 7s, BARs, and fruit symbols, along with a 3x3 or 3x5 layout for simple and straightforward gameplay. They also feature bright colours, flashing lights, and arcade soundtracks. Some may even combine the classic design with some trendy new features, such as bonus rounds!

For a classic feel with some fun modern twists, try Feelin’ Fruity 10.

Asia and the Far East

Oriental culture is rich in ancient wisdom, beautiful scenery, and fortune-based symbology. From martial arts to lucky numbers, beautiful flowers, powerful animals, and of course, delicious food – Asia offers a vibrant and exotic world for slot players to explore.

Sip on a cup of jasmine tea and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the Orient as you spin the red and gold reels on some incredible Asian-themed slot titles:


Everyone has an inner explorer, whether you’re training for a trip to Everest Base Camp or on the search for big payouts in the lost city of Eldorado in Gonzo’s Quest.

Adventure-themed slots transport players to ancient worlds, forgotten cities, and lush jungles, and are filled with gold and gems, exotic animals, treasure maps and exhilarating quests. These slots often feature engaging storylines and a number of special features, from cascading reels to fun characters, and enticing visual and audio effects.

If you’re looking for more adventure in your life (and gameplay), check out the following slot titles:

Ancient Greece and Rome

History has a great influence over modern culture, and ancient civilization-themed slots offer players a world filled with warriors and goddesses, battle and victory, and engaging mythology.

From witnessing the wrath and power of Almighty Zeus and beautiful Aphrodite to fighting alongside Roman gladiators as they battle it out in the Colosseum, this genre is popular among slot players. Depending on the theme, symbols on the reels may include gold, swords and other weapons, jewels, wreaths, and lightning bolts!

For the best Rome-themed slot, check out:

  • Rome: The Golden Age

And if Greek mythology appeals to you, give the following titles a spin:


From a fun twist on classic fairytales to mythical creatures and superheroes, fantasy-themed slots provide a dreamy escape into magical and enchanting worlds! These online slot games offer a variety of magical adventures that are just waiting to be explored. They host unique storylines, visuals, quests, and features.

If dragons, fairies, witches and wizards, mermaids and myth intrigue you, give the following titles a go:

Films, TV series and game shows

Movies, series, and game shows are an integral part of modern culture, and many people have imagined themselves as the lucky guest on shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. Game show-themed slots are unique in that, while they feature a reel component, they also include other elements such as live dealers and wheel spins.

Whether you’re excited to spin the reels alongside your favourite character from Narcos in the video slot (also called Narcos), or ready to take your place in the hot seat, online slots could make your dreams come true, if you get really lucky!

Popular film and TV series-themed slot titles include:

Or be the guest on a live wheel game show:

Money and gems

Slots and money go hand in hand, and games based on riches allow players to immerse themselves in the glamour and luxury of the high life (while hopefully keeping at least one foot on the ground). From gold coins and banknotes to shiny gems, and luxury items such as sports cars and jewellery, wealth-themed slots lend an air of opulence and grandeur to your gameplay.

If your idea of a good time involves banknotes falling from the sky, these slot titles are sure to provide some fun:

Irish and folklore

Oh, the luck of the Irish! And where better to see how much you have of it than with an online slot machine where lady luck is a welcomed guest? Irish-themed slots feature rainbows and pots of gold, leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and lots (and lots) of greenery! They also tend to have jubilant soundtracks and some beautiful graphics.

Some Irish-themed favourites include:

Animals and beasts

Whether it’s fluffy cuteness or ferocious beasts, animal-themed slots are an obvious favourite. The symbols on the reels are, of course, mostly animals, but they vary depending on the unique theme of the game. With these slots, you can go on an African safari, explore the fascinating creatures of the ocean, or gush your way through kitten-filled reels!

For some invigorating time in the wild, have a look at these animal-themed titles:

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