Popular European Festivals In Europe

Across the European continent, you’ll get to encounter diverse cultures and epic experiences. February marks the winter season in the northern hemisphere, which means that there are some great winter festivals to keep you warm and thoroughly entertained. Even if it’s freezing cold outside, the fun never stops in Europe, and you are sure to have a wonderful time discovering all the entertainment on offer in February. So, if you’re looking for a fun winter getaway, in addition to staying indoors playing your favourite casino games, here’s a list of some epic festivals you can attend.

1. Venice Carnival – Italy

Dates: 19 February – 1 March 2022

The carnival started as a celebration in honour of Venice Republic’s victory over the Patriarch of Aquileia, Ulrico di Treven back in 1182. The citizens started to dance and gather in San Marco Square to celebrate the victory. In more modern times, the Venice Carnival has become an annual winter festival in Europe that has drawn thousands of tourists to the beautiful city. If you enjoy Italian-inspired online slot games such as Da Vinci Diamonds, you are bound to enjoy the immersive experience of the Venice Carnival. This festival is well-known for the elaborate masks that are worn by attendees. One of the highlights of the festival is the contest for the most beautiful mask, which is judged by a panel of international costume and fashion designers. If you’re looking to get a piece of the history of this beautiful Italian city, the Venice Carnival is the best festival to attend!

Sitges Carnival – Spain

Dates: 24 February – 2 March 2022

This lavish Mardi Gras takes place in the run-up to Lent. Sitges, the Spanish town, takes pride in throwing one of the largest and most spectacular parties in Spain that takes place over one week. If you’re looking to experience crazy fun, Sitges Carnival is a must-attend event for you. Sitges is considered to be one of the world’s top 10 carnivals, and it certainly is known for hosting one of the world’s wildest carnival celebrations. You can expect outlandish costumes, a wild parade that goes past the seaside boulevard, and thrilling hedonism in the town. Prepare for an almost-all-nighter of parades and dancing in the streets! There is simply too much fun to embrace in this town located next to Barcelona.

3. Lemon Festival – France

Dates: 12 – 27 February 2022

It’s all about citrus at this unique festival. Lemon Festival or Fête du Citron is a carnival event that takes place in the city of Menton, France. It is held every year at the end of winter. Locals celebrate the annual production of speciality lemons and other citrus fruits in Menton. You’ll get to see floats and sculptures in the shape of oranges and lemons. Of course, that means an abundance of eye-catching colours too.

Some of the best online slots have the classic fruit theme with symbols such as lemons. Now you can encounter these juicy fruits beyond your favourite casino site and explore the cultural heritage of the people of Menton. You’ll learn that during 1928, Menton was the main producer of lemons in Europe. That’s a tremendous feat, and over the years, the festival has combined traditional carnival events with a celebration of Menton’s claim to fame as Europe’s lemon capital. The carnival includes themed floats, and the fruits are sold at low prices at the end of the event.

4. Chocoa: Amsterdam Chocolate Festival – Netherlands

Alt Text: Dark chocolate over wooden background.

Dates: 19 – 20 February 2022

This one is a must attend for chocolate lovers! It truly is a sweet event that will have your tastebuds dancing with excitement for all the rich aromas and flavours. At the Amsterdam Chocolate Festival, visitors can taste incredible chocolate delicacies and learn about growing cocoa. This two-day festival takes place in the heart of Amsterdam, where visitors are taken on a journey to discover new chocolate flavours with wine, coffee and craft beer at more than 85 chocolate stands. You’ll also get to meet renowned chocolate makers and experts.

5. Vinterjazz – Denmark

Dates: 3 – 27 February 2022

The Vinterjazz Festival takes place in February every year. Visitors to this prestigious music festival get to listen and dance to an array of Danish and international jazz artists. The nationwide festival features over 450 performances that are held at 100 venues across the country, including Aarhus, Copenhagen and Esbjerg. Enjoying the sounds of live instruments in a wintery landscape will do wonders for your mind and soul. You might even feel like you’re in a winter-inspired online casino game with beautiful music serenading you. You’ll be happy to know that some concerts have free access. Simply check out the Vinterjazz website for the programme and get a beautiful dose of soundscapes that will keep you smiling.

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/ 18 February 2022