Reviewing Our Top Live Casino Games

If you’re looking for the best online casino experience, one that brings together all of the excitement and interaction that you’d expect, look no further than our list of live casino games.

Read more below about four of the many engaging titles you can play at Mecca Games, all of which have been created by Evolution Gaming – an innovative game provider that has revolutionised the online gaming experience.

1. Live Monopoly

Many players look for innovation when they play online casino games; if you do too, then you’ll appreciate Live Monopoly! This live dealer game takes the best of the decades-old board game we all know and love and translates it into a studio game with an augmented reality bonus round. You just couldn’t make it up, and yet Evolution did!

Exclusive to Evolution, this game has a similar feel to others, such as Live Dream Catcher (which we’ll discuss further on), and makes use of the popular money-wheel format, with some additional features.

All you need to do to play the game is place your bets on what number or section you think the wheel is going to stop at after the dealer gives it a whirl. Each numbered section of the wheel will pay out that number times your bet (think of it as a multiplier), providing you get lucky with where the wheel stops, of course.

To give it more of that Monopoly feel, there are also sections called Chance (which can give you instant cash wins or multipliers), and the “2 Rolls” and “4 Rolls” sections. Either of the Rolls sections will take you straight to a 3D bonus game on an augmented-reality gaming board, along with Mr Monopoly! This includes all the features you’d expect on the board, such as Chance, Community Chest, GO, houses and hotels, as well as Super Tax and Jail.

If all of those features weren’t enough, Live Monopoly won Gaming Intelligence’s Game of the Year award in 2020, which is even more reason to give it a try.

2. Live Lightning Dice

For those who enjoy simple casino games, Live Lightning Dice appeals to everyone, especially those who enjoy slots and bingo and might not have thought about playing a dice game before.

Set against a black and gold art deco background, you’ll feel the excitement build as you watch the three standard dice travel all the way down through the transparent “Lightning Tower”, after the engaging game presenter has dropped them in at the top.

All you need to do to play is make a bet on which three numbers you think the dice will land on when they reach the bottom of the tower, which could be influenced by some moving parts inside!

If you’d like to cover your bases, you can click “Bet All”; otherwise, wait to see what happens after you’ve placed your bets, as certain numbers will be given random multipliers (of up to 1,000x) when they are struck with a virtual bolt of lighting in the Lightning Round!

With all of this electrical activity, there are many reasons to expect the thrills of a luxury casino and be excited when the dice are thrown in Live Lightning Dice.

3. Live Dream Catcher

The money-wheel format is very popular in live casino games, and as we’ve mentioned above, is definitely inspired by games such as online slots – as you wait for the reel/wheel to spin and land on a winning number/combination!

Live Dream Catcher is also one of the original games in this genre, and as you’d expect from any game produced by Evolution Gaming, it’s all streamed to you in HD quality, with friendly and engaging hosts to facilitate gameplay.

Similar to Live Monopoly, all you need to do to get involved is to log into the game and place your bets within a given timeframe. Once betting time is over, the dealer spins the wheel, and you wait in anticipation for it to stop, hopefully on a number you’ve bet on.

We’d recommend starting by betting on the numbers that occur more frequently on the wheel, as even though they are lower-paying, they should help to maximise your bankroll, allowing you to play Live Dream Catcher responsibly.

4. Live Crazy Time

Following on from the success of Live Dream Catcher, Live Crazy Time takes the money-wheel format to another loony level, with the addition of a “Top Slot” box above the wheel. It’s a feature that may well remind you of playing slot games.

When the dealer spins the wheel, the Top Slot is also spinning, and when the wheel lands on a certain number, you’ll also see some multipliers come up above it, which certainly ramps up the anticipation!

As if all these features – and the colourful, carnivalesque set – weren’t enough to keep things interesting, there are also four bonus games you can play, which are: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time. It does seem a bit crazy that in two of these bonus rounds, you can also win different multipliers (but we’ll take that!).

As with all of the money-wheel games on this list, all you need to do to play Live Crazy Time is to place your bet(s) on any of the numbers on the wheel (in this case, 1, 2, 5 and 10) – and get those fingers crossed for a lucky result!

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/ 16 June 2021