Slingo To Suit Every Taste

If you’ve been playing games at an online casino for a while and feel it’s about time to try something new, why not give Slingo a try? In this post, we explain what it is and talk about some of the exciting themes of the game you can try, no matter what you’re into.

What is Slingo?

Looking for a fast-paced game that brings together the best of both bingo and slots? Try Slingo! It gives you all the thrills that come with clicking “spin” and the familiarity of numbers coming up on your screen in a ticket grid format (with a row below it which acts as the “reel”). One of the main aims of the game is to get as many completed lines, or “Slingos”, as possible, which generally means five numbers in a row, vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

There are many Slingo themes to choose from, allowing you to enjoy a huge range of visual experiences when you play these games!

How many types of games are there?

There is so much diversity in the world of Slingo games, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you start exploring this genre. Whether you prefer board games, food themes, Ancient Egypt, game shows, or jetting off into outer space, when it comes to this genre, there’s something for everyone.

Slingo themes for every taste

Not convinced yet? We’ve put together a handful of categories for varying inclinations for you to take a look at, and we’re sure at least one of them will pique your interest! And if the theme itself wasn’t enough to grab you, we’ve also highlighted some of the Slingo bonus features you can look forward to within the games listed below.

Board-game fanatics

If buying up properties and working your way around a Monopoly board sounds like your idea of a good time, then try Monopoly Slingo, which brings this well-loved game into the online gaming realm.

All you need to do to start playing is set your stake, then click “start” to get the dice rolling and begin moving around the board. If you land on a property, all cards with the same colour will be eliminated from the 5x5 “ticket” grid on your screen. If you get a “Slingo”, you’ll start climbing up the ladder on the left. Collecting a set of properties will also add a multiplier to all your winnings!

Bonus features to look out for include the Joker, which will take you to a bonus “pick me” round when you land on this square, as well as the Chance and Community Chest squares, which will give you either a reward or a penalty every time you land on them. This Slingo take on Monopoly is great fun to play, especially if you’ve always loved the original board game.

Food lovers

Alt: Screenshot of the gaming grid in Baking Bonanza.

There’s nothing like the smell of a cake or loaf of bread baking in the oven, so if stirring batter and licking the spoon is your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy this version of Baking Bonanza, which includes unlimited extra spins!

When you play this game, you’ll feel like you’re on the set of MasterChef or The Great British Bake Off as you try to gather all the ingredients for your recipe in just five spins. The game awards cash prizes when you complete each recipe (think scones, chocolate marshmallows and carrot cake). You can even take the “flour” into your own hands by creating your own paytable and selecting your recipes upfront (each of which has its own RTP).

If you’re looking for a bonus, go for the Double Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Billionaires Shortbread or Golden Champagne Truffles, as these will add considerable multipliers to your original stake if you manage to complete them. It’s a mouth-watering opportunity for some Slingo fun!

Ancient Egypt fans

Fans of online slots games will be very familiar with this theme, as many slot titles delve into the rich history of this ancient civilisation and all its gleaming treasures. Following on from the success of the Book of Ra and Book of the Dead slots now comes the Book of Slingo, and if you’ve ever wondered exactly what they found in the golden king’s tomb, you might also like to play Tutan’s Treasure.

In Book of Slingo, some of the top features to look out for include the Free Spins Bonus Game, which you can activate by getting eight lines. Turn the magical pages of the book to reveal a special expanding symbol, too.

Like Baking Bonanza, Tutan’s Treasure also gives you the chance to create your own paytable and choose all the ancient treasures you’d like to find in the halls of the pharaoh, Tutankhamun’s tomb, with many potential cash prizes in store! If you complete certain artefacts, you’ll also land a bonus prize!

Game-show enthusiasts

There’s nothing like the anticipation of watching all the activities unfold on a game show, and waiting to see who wins! Now you can be a part of the action, with our Deal or No Deal, or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, versions of Slingo.

In Deal or No Deal, you’ll get to sit in the hot seat and pick your lucky box before starting to eliminate red boxes off the grid as (hopefully) matching numbers come up in the reel below each column. In Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, you can live out the action of the popular TV show while you sit in the hot seat too, and stand a chance to win a £1 million fixed jackpot.

Space aficionados

There is a whole universe of possibilities when you play the space-themed varieties of our favourite combo game, including Slingo Starburst and Slingo Advance.

In this version of the ultimate Starburst slot favourite, you can expect to find all the familiar features, including Wild Respins, as well as Win Spins when you land three lines, and instant bonus cash prizes when you collect purple gems.

Slingo Advance is a particularly exciting one for aspiring astronauts, as you get to play a retro-style arcade game and reach for the stars as you build row upon row. You are, of course, hoping to get your hands on a gravity-defying prize when you get a full house after completing all the levels. Bonus features include Joker and Free Spins symbols, which could help you advance more speedily!

Explore all kinds of Slingo bingo at Mecca Games

In the list above, you’ve probably found more than one theme that tickles your fancy. All you need to do to start trying them out at Mecca Games is to register, set your stake, and click “start” or “spin”. Just remember to look after your bankroll, have fun, and play responsibly.

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/ 08 July 2021