The Most Difficult Fish To Catch In The Uk

Just like when you play fishing-themed casino games, you may enjoy grabbing your fishing rod and tackle and heading out to see what you can catch. If you’re in the mood for a challenge, you may want to try your hand at reeling in a hard-to-catch fish. That’s right, even if you’re at one of the best fishing places in the UK, some fish can prove to be too wily, even for those who have been fishing for decades. Here is our list of three fish that might be very difficult to catch in the UK.

1. Bluemouth

The Bluemouth, also known as the BluemouthRockfish, is a small saltwater fish that tends to grow about 25cm in length. It’s easily recognisable due to its largish head and eyes, and spiny dorsal fin which contains venom! If you were to Google this fish, you’d think it was mostly pink or orange, but it’s also found in lighter shades of brown and possibly even grey. It can usually be found in the ocean between 150m and 400m deep, on the bottom of the continental shelf, or at the upper end of the continental shelf slope. Despite being a reasonably common fish, it did make it onto’s list of 5 Rare Fish Species To Catch in the British Isles. This is likely due to the fact that it prefers rather deep water, making it hard to catch for most people who fish with a rod and fishing line.

2. Megrim

Megrim, also known as Megrim Sole or Whiff, is a medium-sized saltwater fish that can grow up to 60cm long. Most people who’ve seen a megrim before will instantly recognise it since both its eyes are on the left side of its head! That’s right, at first glance you may mistake this for a flat, bottom-feeding fish, with its eyes on the top of its body, but you’ll quickly realise that while it is indeed a flatfish, it actually has both eyes on its left side. You’re most likely to find it at a depth of 200-300m, near seabeds, as this is where most of its prey is found. Just like the Bluemouth, if all you have is your rod and fishing line, you’re likely to struggle to catch this fish due to the depths at which it lives.

3. Mullet

The Mullet fish (not to be mistaken for the once-popular 80’s hairstyle) is a saltwater fish that can grow to up to 50cm in length, although the size varies depending on the specific species of mullet. In UK waters, you’re most likely to find the thick-lipped grey, thin-lipped grey, and the golden grey species of this fish. To correctly identify this fish, keep in mind its slim shape, silver or gold colour, its two dorsal fins, as well as its pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins.

If you’d like to know specifically what type of mullet it is, here are the characteristics for the three species most commonly found in the UK:

  • Thick-lipped grey mullet –Has more defined lips than the thin-lipped grey mullet, and is darker in appearance.
  • Thin-lipped grey mullet –Has thinner lips compared to a thick-lipped grey mullet, is often lighter in appearance, and may even appear closer to blue in colour.
  • Golden grey mullet – has a much lighter appearance, with gold markings on its gills, and is much smaller than its thick-and thin-lipped cousins. 

Even if you’re in the best sea fishing spots in the UK, these fish are considered very difficult to catch due to their extremely cautious nature, with anything vaguely suspicious sending these fish running (or swimming) for the hills.

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