Un Guide To Online Casino Games With Friends

Gather your friends and don your best pyjamas, because we’re having a games night that includes some of the best casino games around! Advancements in technology and gaming software have made it easier than ever to play over the internet and to connect with others while doing so. Casino online games give people the opportunity to play their favourite casino games any time and from anywhere. From classic table games and bingo to online slots, and even live game shows, players now have a virtual casino at their fingertips.

Thanks to stable internet connections, you can now spend time with friends and family without being in the same physical location. This makes long-distance communication easier than ever. So set up a date with your mates, grab your mobile phone, tablet or computer, log onto your favourite online casino site, and get ready for a night of virtual fun!

Choose your game

Online casinos offer all the fun, excitement and variety that their land-based counterparts do, with a few extra advantages, we might add. When choosing a game, it’s best to pick something that all your friends are familiar with: poker, for instance, if you’re playing with your poker-night group or something that’s easy to catch on to, like bingo.

You wouldn’t walk up to a blackjack table and lay down £100 when you’ve never even heard of the game before, so don’t do that online either. Remember that although these games are virtual, they’re as real as the money and people you’re playing with!

Let’s take a look at some of the best games to play online with your friends.

Classic table games

A poker night with your bestie mates is a long-running tradition, and the online world isn’t about to stop that! Classic casino table games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette are some of the most fun games to play online with your friends. What’s more, online casinos have gone a step further in providing you with an authentic casino experience by creating live dealer games – where you get incredible views of the game as it happens, live and with all the action: you’ll sit around a virtual table with a live dealer and real players. This method employs the best of both worlds by offering you the benefits of playing online combined with all the excitement of a luxury casino. All you’ve got to do is agree on what time to meet your friends at a certain table, and you’re away!

Wheel game shows

We’re fairly certain that everyone, at some point or another, has dreamt of being on a thrilling live game show and trying their luck at winning the jackpot on offer. With live dealer game shows, you get to graduate from being a dreamer to being in the lucky seat. While you’ll still be in your own home, you’ll be playing with a live dealer at a studio, with your friends as the other contestants. There are many titles out there in this game genre, from Live Monopoly to Live Dream Catcher. We hope you and your friends enjoy the high-quality graphics, enticing themes and all-round excitement of these wheel-based live game shows!


Bingo has been a favourite pastime for centuries, and that’s not about to stop any time soon! With the introduction of online bingo, the game has gone from being one your gran used to play every Thursday night at the local community hall, to one you probably enjoy on your mobile phone. What makes bingo so fun is the element of chance, paired with the raving social scene, which has been kept alive thanks to popular online bingo sites! Online bingo is available almost any time of day, and it’s easier than ever to play and enjoy. Just pick a site and a time, and log into your game of choice once you’ve purchased your tickets. Your friends will be in the group chat room, and some sites even provide the option of private chat rooms. There you can socialise with your mates over a game (or three) of bingo, without any of the hassles of playing offline or at home.


While you might think slot games are a solitary affair, there are ways to enjoy them online with friends! Namely – single-player slots featuring chat rooms, and slot tournaments.

The type of slot linked to a chat room is usually featured as a “community slot”. This allows you and your friends to each play your own individual game, but you’ll also be able to connect in the chat room while playing. In the chat, you’re free to discuss the game, your wins (though gloating is not recommended!), and maybe even place some side bets of your own on who scores a winning combo first! In community slots, you have the added advantage of being able to meet new friends, too. Who knows, perhaps bonding over Starburst will lead to a long-lasting friendship!

The second way is through entering a slot tournament. This is a competition against other players, where each player receives a number of credits from the casino, and whoever lands the biggest win within a specified time frame on a specified slot wins. While you won’t be able to chat to your buddies during the game, as you’ll be too busy spinning the reels, knowing your competition is with people you know can be a great motivating factor – and you can all have a good laugh discussing the shared experience afterwards.

Set up your games night

Whether you’re having a quick midweek gaming session with your two best friends, or you have a dedicated games night planned for the weekend, by covering the basics and planning ahead, you and your posse should be able to play online casino games hassle-free and have a truly stellar night! Here are a few tips to get things running smoothly:

Choose your platform

What’s important here is that everyone involved has signed up and made a deposit with the same gaming provider! Choosing a trustworthy and reputable online casino, such as Mecca Games, will ensure safety, efficiency, and a slick gaming experience. We recommend that everyone in your group register before the planned meeting time and that they all take a look around the site so that they’ve got their bearings and can show up at the right table (or chat room) on cue!

Prepare your space

What this means will vary vastly depending on your circumstances. For some, it may mean hiring a babysitter so that the room you want to play in is a crying- and screaming-free zone; and for others, this simply refers to grabbing a couple of snacks and a good pair of headphones. Whatever it means to you, do yourself a favour and prepare your space so it’s fit for purpose! Make sure that you have everything you’ll need for a comfortable experience – nibbles, beverages, headphones and heaters included, and give yourself the time and space to relax and unwind with your favourite friends, playing your favourite games!

Invite your friends to a gaming session at Mecca Games

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/ 30 June 2021