Ways To Add More Activity To Your Daily Routine

Whether you're a business professional or a gaming fanatic with a taste for casino games, it's easy to get caught up in technology and the virtual world while forgetting to move your body! Long periods of sitting and inactivity can lead to a host of health issues, and while regular exercise is certainly helpful and necessary, it's not enough to counteract the ill effects of sitting at a desk for 8 hours or more each day.

To truly improve your health, boost your productivity, and avoid the aches and pains associated with prolonged periods of sitting, it's imperative to add more activity to your daily routine. Exercising more frequently at intermittent intervals throughout the day is the easiest way to do this, and don't worry – there's no need to break out the burpees and sprints five times a day!

Even on the days that you're pressed for time, and when the last thing on your mind is going for a walk or taking a yoga class, you'd be surprised by how much of a difference taking 5 to 10 minutes to move your body regularly can make.

1. Set an intention

Regardless of what type of activity you do, the first and most essential step is to make the decision to be more active throughout your day. Setting a daily intention to be more active will allow you to mentally prioritise activity, which can sometimes be even more challenging than doing the actual activity! Think about the last time you were mid-jog or walking out at the end of a yoga class – chances are you said to yourself, “Wow, I feel so much better, I'm so glad I did that.”

A great method is to set one daily goal a week and add a new goal each week. Within a month you could be walking 10k steps a day, riding your bike to work, attending an exercise class 4x a week, and meditating 20 minutes every morning, (depending on the goals you set for yourself, of course).  

2. Take the stairs

We mean this both literally and in the greater sense, by choosing the more active option wherever possible. That means taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking your dog instead of hiring a dog walker, parking in the furthest parking spot rather than the one closest to the entrance to get some extra steps, and so on. Like we mentioned in the point above, simply committing to being more active is going to expose you to more opportunities to do so, you’ll find creative ways to increase your activity throughout your day.

3. Trade the bus for a bike

If you only live a few miles from your workplace, why not avoid the rush and ride your bicycle to and from work each day, rather than driving or taking public transport? This is a great way to add activity to your daily routine and build healthy habits that have a positive effect on your wellbeing and mindset.

Even if you work from home, digging up your old bicycle or buying a well-maintained second-hand bike will encourage you to ride it whenever possible, like when you need to pop into the shops for a few groceries or visit a friend in the neighborhood.

4. Add a walk into your lunch break

It's essential to eat healthy, balanced meals throughout the day to keep your energy levels stable and remain focused and productive throughout the day, whether you're working or spinning the reels at a casino online. We’ve all experienced the dreaded afternoon slump an hour or two after lunch, and instead of reaching for caffeinated drinks or sugary snacks to keep you going at this point, a brisk walk is a much healthier and more effective way to boost your mood and energy levels.

Whether you do a few loops around the office block, walk to the nearest juice bar to get a yummy drink, or run up and down the stairs for a few minutes, elevating your heart rate and getting in more oxygen is one of the best ways to renew your energy and focus so that the rest of the day is just as fruitful as the first half.

5. Sign up for a class

Committing to an exercise class a few times a week – whether it's CrossFit, spinning, or yoga – is going to increase your chances of following through, regardless of how busy or unmotivated you are. Signing up and paying for a class in advance, or even asking a friend to join you, are great ways to hold yourself accountable, and you're far less likely to ditch your plans last minute when you've already invested financially, or have someone expecting you. Choosing an exercise class or group activity that you enjoy is a great way to burn calories, increase your health, release frustration, and boost your mood!

6. Invest in a fitness watch

Wearing a fitness watch is a great way to keep track of your daily activity. These watches will track your steps and the number of calories you burn both during exercise and throughout your day. You can also set activity reminders that will let you know whenever you've been sedentary for too long.

Having a daily step goal is likely to inspire you to be as active as possible to achieve it, and seeing yourself reach your goals each day creates a streak of motivation to keep going.

7. Do desk exercises

If for some reason walking is not an option, then you can get the same benefits with a few simple exercises right at your desk! Think incline pushups on your desk or chair, some gentle neck and back stretches, or even just a simple breathing technique.

8. Get a standing workstation

Speaking of desks, standing workstations are a great way to avoid the disadvantages and implications of sitting for long periods of time. They've been proven to increase productivity, reduce back pain and muscular stiffness related to sitting, and according to Healthline.com, studies have shown that participants who used standing desks over a 7 week period reported less stress and fatigue than their seated colleagues, with 87% of the participants reporting increased vigour and energy throughout the day.

9. Pick up an active hobby

Sure, going to the movies or playing online slot games at your favourite casino site is fun, but there's a time and place for everything, including movement! Picking up an active hobby such as hiking, tennis, dancing, or wall climbing is a fun and enjoyable way of adding more activity into your week.

You can choose something that you can do alone and in your own time, or join a club or group that meets every week – that way you'll make inspiring friends along the way who motivate you to live your best life.

10. Set an hourly alarm

Lastly, a simple but practical tool to remind you to move at regular intervals is setting an alarm on your phone or watch to go off every 60 or 90 minutes. This will serve as a simple reminder to get up and move, whether that's taking a quick walk, going to get a glass of water, or doing some desk exercises.

The important thing is to actually do something when the alarm goes off, rather than silencing it and carrying on with your work or game. If you can keep to it for a week or two, soon your brain won't even think about it and will get into the habit of regular movement, and you’ll reap the benefits.

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