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Play Slingo and miss none of the fun and games

Nothing can match the thrill of slots and bingo. But what if both games were rolled into one? Would that be too much to handle? Play Slingo games, that are known for their innovative mix of slots and bingo games. One thing is for sure…, bringing these two unique experiences together gives players the kind of excitement they are looking for.

Here at Mecca Games, we offer players the opportunity to secure great prizes with our selection of Slingo games and our exclusive Slingo page. You will come across a variety of Slingo games, such as Slingo Rainbow Riches, Slingo Starburst, Slingo Xxxtreme, and many others!

What you'll find when you play Slingo

Mecca Games is always at the forefront when it comes to new games on the market. And we are more than excited to let you discover these top games.

If you are always ready with your dabber or a slot enthusiast, then these games will be familiar to you. This is because they are a blend of the two. These games have been a hit across many online gaming sites.

There are many diverse variations. Some are more like a slot while others keep a Slingo bingo-style. But one thing is for sure, most of these games feature bingo grids and reels that display symbols. When the reels show icons or numbers that match on your grid, they are marked. Completing diagonal, horizontal, or vertical lines will bring rewards. However, it’s not always this way – the rules can change. Some of these games spice things up with extra mini-games.

How is Slingo different from normal bingo and slots?

Slingo has more features than a normal bingo game. In addition to the bingo card (a 5x5 grid) there is also a slot reel that players must spin to start the game. Each game comes with at least 20 spins, but you must set your number of spins before you start playing. In bingo, players only need to be concerned with the bingo card and the various ways to land wins, whereas in Slingo bingo there is the slot reel and the various symbols that afford instant prizes. Each Slingo game title will differ, but the basics of the game remain similar.

The bonus symbols

Find bonus symbols on some Slingo games to help you complete your lines more easily. The common bonus symbols include the Joker and the Super Joker. These symbols are inspired by the Wilds on traditional slots. Wilds are known to represent any other regular symbol on slots and help in winning combinations. Jokers allow you to mark any other number or icon on the grid. Super Jokers are a bit more special. Landing them will mark off all examples of a number or icon on the whole grid.

On some Slingo games, you may encounter cash symbols and free spins symbols as well. They will either grant you an instant win reward to add to your prize stash or offer you one extra free spin.

Try Slingo on mobile

The games come with the Responsive Adaptive Design, which allows you to load them on any iOS and Android device. Get ready for a thrill when you play on mobile. That way, your favourite games are always in your pocket! Get your fill of Slingo action at Mecca Games! Feel free to register and play top Slingo games! When you've signed up to the site, you'll have access to a world filled with slots, live casino games, and more! 

Frequently asked questions

How To Pick Up A Win When Playing Slingo?

Obviously, Slingo is a game of luck/chance! However, when you have played Slingo for a while and got a feel for it there are a few pointers you can bear in mind as you play. Such as using your Joker wilds at the right time, trying to get multipliers during a game, playing on games with special features that can add to your game, and most importantly… stay calm, don’t get carried away when playing.

What Themes Will I Find When Playing Slingo

As you play Slingo, you will notice that like slots and bingo, each game has its own theme or is based on popular slot titles. The themes include fishing, Egyptian, sci-fi, retro, television show, and Irish luck. So, it's safe to say that players will not be stuck for choice when choosing a Slingo game!

What Is The Most Popular Slingo Game?

Well, where to start? There are many games to choose from! However, the one that draws the most players is Slingo Rainbow Riches. This Irish luck game has been a popular choice among Slingo fans in recent years.

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